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February 24th, 2011


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Leon joins Kim and Aggie’s clean team – at the zoo

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From Disneyland Paris in episode two to the penguin pond at London Zoo, the third wish in this fulfilling ten part series on Starlight Children’s Foundation sees the charity grant the wish of seven year old Leon from Barrow-in-Furness, who dreams of cleaning with How Clean Is Your House stars Aggie MacKenzie and Kim Woodburn. 

In January 2008, Leon was diagnosed with a life threatening condition called acute lymphoblastic leukaemia and, in order to beat the disease, he has since been undergoing an intensive programme of chemotherapy. From a very young age, Leon has loved helping mum Caroline to clean their home and the How Clean Is Your House series provided a much needed distraction during the long hospital stays and gruelling treatment. 

Starlight arranges for Leon to join his idols Kim and Aggie at the world famous London Zoo to help tackle their toughest cleaning challenge yet: the penguin pond, the llama pen and the animal food preparation area. As if spending the day scrubbing and taking swabs with his cleaning heroes was not enough for this young grime buster, he makes a very special friend called Ricky in the penguin pond and has the opportunity to feed his favourite animals, the lemurs.

This uplifting and very entertaining episode also follows the fundraising activities of Angelic Heavenly Voices, a unique girl choir from Eastbourne, and gives an insight into some of Starlight’s other activities with a thrill-packed Starlight Escape day at Popham Airfield in Hampshire for 500 sick children and their families. Back at Starlight HQ, there are some logistical difficulties with one of the wishes and new wish granter Sarah joins the team. 

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