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Latest Wishes

  • Starlight's work in Hammersmith (0)

    [wpvp_flowplayer src=http:// width=570 height=320 splash= align=left] Starlight is a national charity that works on a local...

  • Daniel meets football ace Harry Kane (0)

    Nine-year-old Daniel is fighting a hybrid form of AML and ALL leukaemia, a rare type of cancer of the white blood cells and is currently undergoing a programme of intensive treatment. Daniel loves football and wished to meet his football hero Harry Ka...

  • Emily strikes a pose with the TOWIE stars (0)

    Thirteen-year-old Emily has acute lymphoblastic leukaemia and has undergone chemotherapy to battle the cancer. Emily is a huge fan of The Only Way is Essex and it was her dearest wish to meet the cast! Starlight arranged for Emily to meet and chat to...

  • Milosz's Cuban Car Experience! (0)

    Eight-years-old Milosz adores automobiles. He wished to go to Cuba to see the gorgeous classic cars he'd seen on the telly! From basking on the beach, admiring the cars to trying the delicious cuisine, check out  what Milosz and his family got up to....

  • Phoebe goes behind the scenes at BGT! (0)

    Eight-year-old Phoebe has undergone chemotherapy to fight a Wilms' tumour. Her favourite show is Britain’s Got Talent and Starlight granted her wish to watch a live episode and meet the judges. Phoebe, her little sister Sophie, mum and dad traveled ...

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