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April 8th, 2011

Shauna interviews Olly Murs!

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Twelve year old Shauna from Birmingham knows everything there is to know about her favourite celebrities, but Starlight still managed some very special star-studded surprises as part of her Starlight Wish.

Shauna has cystic fibrosis, a life-shortening condition that seriously affects her major organs and means that her body is unable to regulate her digestive fluids and mucus.

Every day is a challenge for brave Shauna and yet, despite the difficulties she faces, her mum Fiona says she is a happy child who copes with her illness incredibly well. One of the things that keeps Shauna smiling is the fast-moving world of celebrity, which she follows avidly through her favourite TV shows and magazines.

Starlight whisked the youngster off for a day at OK! magazine, where she interviewed one of the UK’s hottest singing talents, X Factor’s Olly Murs! And if meeting one of her favourite celebrities wasn’t enough, Shauna also got a huge surprise when Katie Price paid her a surprise visit at home, popping in for a cup of tea!

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